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Jul 1, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. >> six u.s. presidents? >> six in contention in one way or another. as several people have sent. yes, i know that. but if he is not dead, he is the nominee and the president of the united states. he sends his secretary of state to the convention to stampede the convention. about idea. >> he wanted the nomination. and of course, harding, coolidge, hoover, wins two democratic primaries come fdr is on the ticket a device -- as a vice presidential candidate. you have this and so much else going on with the league of nations and every other thing. 1960, well, we move on from that to where you have three titanic personalities. we don't have six, but we have three of the biggest namebrand and presidential personalities ever. kennedy, nixon, johnson, so very different. so different in terms of dynastic or just personal, and something which, i think resonates so much with the folks and reading books today. 1948, that is a great cliffhanger. we love to listen to the experts. we'd love to get the weather reports. and they are always wrong and the polls are always wrong, and the experts are always
Jul 2, 2012 12:00am EDT
an administration which gets us into a war, fights a war, it may be successful, but the american people, any people will turn against it. 1920, wilson with the republicans, went into congress in '46. lyndon johnson not being able to succeed himself. and the bushes. it those a very hell of a good war leader, winston churchill. so there's a problem with that. but more than that, add one more gigantic thing it to, it's the economy, stupid, and the economy is a miss. more strikes than ever in american history. >> host: in 1920? >> guest: 1919. 1920. the boston police strike with calvin coolidge. the seattle general strike. you think the world is about ready to blow up after the war. and the unemployment rate, the inflation rate, are terrific. we would easily be satisfied with what's going on now rather than have that. >> host: in 1919-1920, was it a given or general thought that whoever won the republican primary would win the presidency? >> guest: yes, i think so. i mean, you have to be dreaming to think as the year went on that democrats could pull it off, and there is this massive, massive landslide
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2